How to sleep face down to breathe easily?

Though sleeping on the stomach is not a great idea, a lot of people find it comfortable. There are side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. It is pretty rare to find someone who spends the whole night by sleeping into one position. Unlike side sleepers and back sleepers, the stomach sleepers face problems like back pain. While you sleep on your stomach, your spine fails to hold its natural position and the joints compress. It ultimately causes back pain and other issues. Therefore, you would like to know how to sleep face down to avoid the resulting health conditions.

There are some techniques you can apply to avoid these issues and sleep calmly.

Use An Appropriate Pillow:


Normal pillows are not appropriate for you if you are a stomach sleeper. Your face would be towards the bed most of the time you will spend in bed. Therefore, you should use a pillow that allows stomach sleepers to breathe easily while facing down. Many such pillows are available in the market that you can purchase. A normal pillow would always cause difficulties in breathing and that’s why you should switch it with a face-down breathe easy pillow.

Use Your Hands To Keep Your Head Up While Sleeping:

This advice can work if you do not want to buy a new pillow. You should simply fold your hands on the pillow and place your had above your hands. This is how you will be able to keep your head up throughout the night while sleeping on your stomach. It is obvious that this sleeping position may not be comfortable because there would be extra pressure on your spine. It will only help you in breathing well. There is no other benefit in terms of reducing pain.

Do Not Face Down While Sleeping:

That’s what most of the stomach sleepers do to breathe calmly while sleeping on their stomach. You will not need a new pillow because you can put your head on one side and start sleeping. Do not use a pillow which is too high because it will elevate your upper body. Consequently, you may experience lower back pain the next morning. Try to use a pillow which is not too high and comfortable. Use high-quality pillowcase built from silk or satin to avoid unnecessary marks on your face.

Change Your Sleeping Position:

It is the most important suggestion for you if you are a stomach sleeper. There is no need to learn how to sleep face down because you can train yourself to be a back sleeper or side-sleeper. These sleeping positions are better than stomach sleeper. You will not feel back pain and joint pain because your spine will be in its natural position. In addition, you will not need to buy a new pillow because a normal pillow can keep your body in an appropriate position while you are sleeping. However, you need to get mattress for your own. Follow backaware for reviews for a better decision.


So, follow the suggested techniques if you are willing to continue sleeping on your stomach or learn how to sleep on your back or sides.